Malachi Chambers

Malachi is the only one of the core trio who feels any weight of responsibility. That’s probably because his father, Theodore Chambers, is a high ranking official in New Haven.

Malachi is not much for politics, but he has learned a lot from his father about engineering over the years they have been living on the Juggernaut, and Mal’s methodical, book-smart approach to problems is light-years away from how Ellie and Tila approach (or cause) problems.

Every group of friends needs the sensible one, in this story his name is Malachi.

(It’s pronounced with a hard ‘chi’ sound, like ‘Mal-a-kigh’.)

Likes: Time to think, logical solutions, being on his father’s good side, Nina Quinn.

Dislikes: Being rushed, not knowing where his tools are, problems that make no sense, Tila’s impatience.

Most likely to say: “That sounds like a bad idea…”

Least likely to say: “Forget the rules, let’s do it!”

Who I would cast to play Malachi in a movie: Donald Glover