Brutally epic science fiction.”

Transfixed from the beginning.”

“Reminds me of a movie.”

“I am so engrossed in this, it’s like Star Wars…Oh My God this is so good!”

“Absolutely LOVE this story! Just my type of book!”

“Damn, this book is good 👌”

“Am I allowed to say the F-word here?”

“I cannot wait to see what happens next.”

Tales from the Juggernaut is an original, epically exciting, science fiction adventure series.

Journey with Tila Vasquez and her friends and explore the world of the Juggernaut.

From the failed colony mission, to the depths of a dying city in space, from the lush plains of the planet Parador, to the pirate haven of the Dead Fleet, and beyond.

And eventually, perhaps to discover the very secret of the Juggernaut itself.

With epic scale, intense action, characters you will love (and hate), and shocking revelations around every corner, this adventure series will have your heart racing and pages turning.

Begin your journey to uncover the secret of the Juggernaut today.

Every step will take you closer to the truth, but some things are buried for a reason, and some secrets should never be revealed…

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