Ellie Young

Unlike her friends, Tila Vasquez and Malachi Chambers, Ellie (She has to keep reminding people it’s short for Eleanor, not Elizabeth), was born and raised in space, and has never been planetside. While her friends remember the feel of the sun and the wind, to Ellie, ignorance is bliss. All she has to worry about is how to win the next race and make friends. Luckily for Ellie both of those things come easy.

Sure, the Juggernaut can be a dangerous place, but she’s fearless behind the controls of her ship. For safety from all the other dangers outside the New Haven community Ellie only has to rely on Tila.

Likes: Speed, new experiences, winning.

Dislikes: Letting people down, the dark, Tila acting like her mother.

Most likely to say: “That’s a great idea!”

Least likely to say: “Let’s slow down and talk about this.”

Who I would cast to play Ellie in a movie: Kate Bosworth (as she looked in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!