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Tales from the Juggernaut #1

The colony mission failed. Tila Vasquez, daughter of the mission commander, was one of the few who survived.

Years later, when an impossible ship is found buried deep within the space city of refuge known as The Juggernaut, Tila Vasquez and her friends vow to uncover the truth about what really happened to the colony mission.

But some secrets should never be revealed…

Tales from the Juggernaut #2

When Tila Vasquez, survivor of the colony mission, discovered mysterious data in a hidden ship buried deep in the space city of the Juggernaut, she vowed to uncover the truth.

With her friends, Ellie and Malachi, they have travelled to the planet Parador in search of answers.

They will find new friends and new enemies. But will they learn who is which in time?

Tales from the Juggernaut #3

With new hope in store, Tila has persuaded Ellie and Malachi that the answers they seek lie within the Dead Fleet, a graveyard in space teeming with pirates, criminals with secrets of their own.

Answers lay at the centre of the fleet for those brave enough to look.

Escaping the fleet will be the real challenge.

But the past will always find you, and Tila is not alone…