The Juggernaut

Tales from the Juggernaut Book 1

The Juggernaut: A city in space built from the twisted wreck of a thousand ships, in a decaying orbit around a dying star.

Hunting ground of pirates, outlaws, and criminal gangs.

Haven of outcasts and orphans.

The last refuge of the dispossessed.

The city Tila Vasquez now calls home.

Twelve years ago, Tila’s parents, and thousands more innocents, were lost to disaster when the mission to the Baru system failed. The colony ships Rising Star and New Dawn were destroyed.

The Far Horizon was never heard from again.

So when Tila finds an impossible ship buried deep within the city – a shuttle from the Far Horizon – she sets out with her friends Ellie and Malachi to uncover the truth behind the colony mission and the deaths of her parents.

But some things are buried for a reason, and some secrets should never be revealed…

The Juggernaut Book Cover, Book one in Tales from the Juggernaut

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Reviews for The Juggernaut

“Transfixed from the beginning.”

“I love the characters, and the setting, the story kept me wanting more. I would definitely recommend. I cannot wait to see what happens next.”

“Loved it!”

“I’m not usually one to write reviews but I really felt I had to for this book. From the moment I started reading it I was fixed and honestly cannot wait for the next one in the series. Gripping from the beginning…”

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Juggernaut

  1. Is The Juggernaut an original story?

    Like all stories, it is inspired and affected by other works that came before it, but it is not fan-fiction and it is not based on any single existing story that I know of. 

  2. What inspired The Juggernaut?

    The story, and the rest of the Tales from the Juggernaut, are all original works, but as with all fiction and storytelling there are dozens of things that inspire the story, from names to scenes to moods. In fact you can read about some of these inspirations here.

  3. Can I get The Juggernaut as an ebook?

    Yes. The Juggernaut is available as an ebook direct from me or from an ebook store of your choice.
    Buying direct will always be the cheapest option.

  4. Is The Juggernaut available as a paperback?

    Yes. Paperbacks are available exclusively from Amazon at this time. Click here to buy your copy.

  5. Is there an audiobook of The Juggernaut?

    Not yet, but I’m working on it. I’d love to get the whole series produced as an audiobook one day, but that takes time and money. I hope to release two versions in time, one as a simple audiobook, and another version with music and sound effects to enhance the story.

  6. Is The Juggernaut available in hardback?

    No, but it’s something I might produce in future. Those book covers would look fantastic in a larger format!

  7. What order should I read the Juggernaut novels in?

    The reading order (so far) is,
    1. The Juggernaut
    2. Parador
    3. The Dead Fleet
    4. Far Horizon
    5. ????
    Don’t skip ahead! There are twists and turns and surprises everywhere…

  8. Can I read The Juggernaut for free?

    Yes you can! My writing will be published for free on this site. This includes fully edited and published books just as you would buy from a bookshop.
    It also includes first drafts, which have not been finished to any sort of standard, but they can still be a fun read.
    I can’t promise they will always be available online though.
    You can also read my novels on Wattpad.

The Juggernaut (Book 1 | Tales from the Juggernaut)

The Juggernaut: A city in space built from the twisted wreck of a thousand ships, in a decaying orbit around a dying star.


Author: Peter A Dixon

Name: The Juggernaut


Author: Peter A Dixon

Date Published: 11/04/2017


Name: The Juggernaut


Author: Peter A Dixon

ISBN: 978-1521422410

Date Published: 11/04/2017


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