Peter A Dixon was born in London and spends his time in the UK and USA

He published his first novel, The Juggernaut, in 2017, with the second book, Parador, released in 2018. A double-feature of the first two books in the series was released in 2020.

The third book in the series, The Dead Fleet, was published in 2021. Book four: Far Horizon, is currently underway.

He studied Media Technology to degree level in London (where he discovered Linkin Park), and has had a long career in the financial services sector.

The Juggernaut began life as a movie script, but it quickly became clear the budget required meant that a novel was the way to go.

He has also written a fantasy adventure novel Arden, and a science fiction thriller Daughters of Eve, both of which are available to read now on Wattpad as first drafts.

Peter has been a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction, beginning with Star Wars and the original Transformers comic.

He considers his greatest influences to be Terry Pratchett, C.S. Lewis, Joss Whedon, Melanie Rawn, Issac Asimov, George Lucas and James Cameron.

His ebooks are available direct from this website, on all major platforms worldwide, and paperbacks are available in selected countries exclusively from Amazon.