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Parador | The Story So Far

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Juggernaut


The Juggernaut. A city built from the wrecks of a thousand ships.

Last refuge of the dispossessed.

The place Tila Vasquez called home.

Home, because it was a place to stay, a temporary refuge, 

Home, because she had nowhere else to go.

Or home because she was tired of looking.

Orphaned during the tragic events of a failed colony mission twelve years earlier, Tila had found many homes since. The Juggernaut was the only the latest, but for some reason she had never decided to leave.

Surviving on the edge of civilisation, at the centre of the Commonwealth, the inhabitants of the Juggernaut scavenged, reused, recycled and fought for every scrap they could. Their home was the shell of old ships, of ruined stations, of unwanted tech. The junk heap at the centre of the universe, where old ships go to die and find new life as raw materials for those who lived there.

And sometimes, sometimes, a buried treasure can be found.

So when a scavenger reported the name of a new ship found beneath the surface of the Juggernaut was Far Horizon, Tila took notice. The Far Horizon was the only colony ship from the failed mission that jumped through the wormhole.

It shouldn’t exist here.

It couldn’t.

Tila demanded answers. With her friends, Ellie and Malachi, they found the ship, and found more clues. It was a ship someone had tried to hide, tried to forget. But Tila and her friends found something. Partially encrypted data that could only exist if the Far Horizon had survived the wormhole.

And if the Far Horizon had survived, perhaps her father had survived too.

So they made a plan. Steal a ship, head to Parador, and share their findings with the corporate world who funded the colony mission. They would want to know the truth. They would want the same answers as Tila.

Wouldn’t they?

But some secrets should never be uncovered, and sometimes the past is buried for a reason….


To find out what happens next, click here to read chapter 1 of Parador – the second part in the Tales from the Juggernaut.

(Note the chapter arrangement here is different to the published paperback and ebook to make it more suitable for online reading.)

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