Hello 🙂

I’m a London-based writer who divides his time between the UK (Old England) and the US ( New England).

The first book in my series, Tales from the Juggernaut, titled The Juggernaut,  was published in 2017.

Part two, Parador, and part three, The Dead Fleet, are due out later this year.

I have ‘won’ NaNoWriMo twice. In 2015 I completed the novel Daughters of Eve, a thriller in which a biotech firm is racing to discover and unite the original DNA of the bliblical Eve, which is passed only through female genes, and they have just found the last piece.

For the 2016 competion I wrote Arden, the story of Bronwyn, a Mage of the Flame of the land of Arden, and her journey to discover the truth behind a civil war.

Both of these books will be published after The Dead Fleet.