Welcome to The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut: A city in space built from the twisted wreck of a thousand ships, in a decaying orbit around a dying star.

Hunting ground of pirates, outlaws, and criminal gangs. Haven of outcasts and orphans.

The last refuge of the dispossessed.

The city Tila Vasquez now calls home.

Tila’s parents, and thousands of others, were lost twelve years before when the colony mission to Baru failed. The colony ships Rising Star and New Dawn were destroyed. The Far Horizon was never heard from again.

So when Tila finds an impossible ship buried deep within the city – a shuttle from the Far Horizon – she sets out with her friends Ellie and Malachi to uncover the truth behind the colony mission and the deaths of her parents.

But some things are buried for a reason, and some secrets should never be revealed…